ibi Announces Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition

February 11, 2019

Information Management Solution Helps Healthcare Organizations Collect and Maintain Trusted Data From Providers


New York, NY


Information Builders (ibi), a leader in business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions, today announced the launch of Omni-HealthData™ Provider Master Edition, an information management solution, which helps establish and maintain accurate provider information across multiple data systems.



Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition facilitates and streamlines the process to standardize, manage, and maintain complex provider data. By simplifying data acquisition, it enables faster data integration so that organizations save time on extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes. With the new solution, healthcare organizations can achieve a timely, trusted view of provider information across the continuum of practices to support the flexibility needed to navigate changing industry needs.


Healthcare organizations frequently have to update provider data because of the dynamic relationships among industry players. With a fully pre-built data model that encompasses not only provider and practice data, but also human resources, facility, and organizational data, Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition improves a healthcare organization’s ability to deliver the highest-quality care. One simple and scalable cloud-based platform for mastering, governing, and sharing provider data provides:


  • Compliance with industry and regulatory demands by eliminating provider data inconsistencies
  • Improved accuracy of data integrated from multiple industry sources
  • Pre-built components that accelerate implementation and applications, allowing for rapid analysis and comparison of in- and out-of-network providers
  • Ability to identify opportunities for acquisition or organic growth through geographic distribution analysis
  • Reduced referral leakage by accessing accurate and up-to-date provider-to-practice relationships
  • Improved operational performance and patient satisfaction
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive provider search, empowering the consumer and healthcare organization with accurate information across websites, EHRs, and other applications
  • Ability to extend from Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition to additional clinical and financial subject areas for an enterprise healthcare data management solution

Dennis McLaughlin, vice president of Omni Operations, ibi:
“Healthcare providers wear many hats – from solo practitioner to group practice or hospitalist – making it difficult to keep track of their role in an encounter at a given point in time. Inaccurate information from duplicate or missing data can cause delays across the healthcare system, creating patient frustration and hindering the ability to perform provider benchmarking. This solution allows organizations to establish and maintain accurate provider information despite the dynamic relationships within the industry, ultimately ensuring better organizational practices and improved patient care.”


Visit our website, or join us at the ibi Booth #4543 at HIMSS, to learn more about Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition.


About ibi

ibi is a data and analytics company that embeds intelligence into ― everything. From the beginning, ibi has known the importance of data and insights to make better decisions. We help organizations get their complex and disconnected data in order, so they can build, embed and automate intelligence in everything they do. By preparing organizations for the future and turning them into builders ― information builders, everyone can use enterprise-trusted data at scale to drive their growth. Whether our customers use pre-built applications or build their own solutions for their data and analytics challenges, ibi powers their innovation and reinvention. ibi’s open platform and industry-specific building blocks accelerate speed-to-market, improve operational efficiency, and enhance their customers’ experience.



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