ibi Delivers Self-Service Data Quality Tool With Launch of Omni-Gen™ Personal Edition

January 9, 2019

Solution Enables Business Users to Harness Data-Driven Insights


New York, NY


Information Builders (ibi), a leader in business intelligence (BI), analytics and data management solutions, announced the launch of Omni-Gen™ Personal Edition. Building on ibi’s line of industry-recognized data management solutions, Omni-Gen Personal Edition provides business users with a robust self-service tool to perform data quality activities in the absence of IT professionals.



Today, enterprises are plagued with poor data quality with an estimated 60 percent of effort allocated to data preparation to support BI and analytics program initiatives. The challenge of data quality is further compounded with an estimated 40 percent year-over-year growth in the volume of digital data within the typical enterprise.


Omni-Gen Personal Edition delivers an intuitive user interface that allows business users to address such data quality challenges in a self-service model:


  • Data Exploration: Gaining insight into local data sources (e.g., spreadsheets, databases) with the ability to investigate and analyze deeper aspects of data quality, such as value patterns and compliance, with rules for standard and common content types
  • Data Cleanup and Transformation: Addressing errors and inconsistencies by selectively choosing and applying various built-in cleansing and validation rules, ranging from most simple to powerful
  • Data Reconciliation: Side-by-side viewing of raw and cleansed data values and related quality attributes to ensure completeness of applied data quality rules

Data exploration, cleanup, transformation, and reconciliation serve as the foundation of an enterprise-grade data management solution. Since Omni-Gen Personal Edition encapsulates core Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition solution capabilities, customers can perform a seamless upgrade to Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition (or Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition) to achieve robust enterprise-grade capabilities, such as data governance and remediation, master data management (MDM), and data process and workflow management, with no impact to the reuse of existing Omni-Gen Personal Edition project assets.


Dennis McLaughlin, vice president of Operations and Product Management for iWay Software, ibi, said:
“Organizations are drowning in data, but without the right resources they cannot extract its value. We developed our Omni-Gen data management platform to help organizations streamline their data management initiatives, so they can quickly harness valuable data-driven insights. Today, we are thrilled to unveil Omni-Gen Personal Edition – the latest addition to this line – to further enhance businesses’ ability to rapidly leverage data without requiring additional IT professionals.”


Try our 30-day free trial of Omni-Gen Personal Edition today, and read our fact sheet to learn more about this self-service data quality tool.


Visit our website for more information about ibi’s Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition and Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition.


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