ibi Embraces the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Standard to Harness and Harmonize Data Across Healthcare Systems

March 12, 2020

Enhanced Platform to Deliver Complete Interoperability and Visibility of Healthcare Data


New York, NY


Information Builders, Inc. (ibi), the leading data and analytics company, today announced the adoption of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard for its Omni-HealthData platform, which provides customers with open and secure interoperability to break down data silos and create next-generation health information exchanges.


As patients move throughout the healthcare network, it is vital that their data be available, discoverable, and easily understood. Additionally, with growing implementation of automated and machine-based processing within the healthcare industry, this data must also be structured and standardized. The scalability, atomic transaction support, interoperability, and solid ontologies of the FHIR standard make this possible. Embracing these principles is crucial to providing a single, 360-degree view of the patient journey in today’s healthcare industry.


A press release issued on Monday by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) signaled agreement. HHS is introducing two rules that “mark the most extensive healthcare data sharing policies the federal government has implemented, requiring both public and private entities to share health information between patients and other parties while keeping that information private and secure.” Specific changes support data interoperability in healthcare, and identify and establish FHIR as the foundational standard to support data exchange via secure application programming interfaces (APIs).


IBI has enhanced its Omni-HealthData platform to accommodate regularly updated FHIR releases, enabling the automatic mapping and transformation of data. New capabilities will deliver a complete, comprehensive view of each patient across the entire continuum of care and enable more customized patient diagnostics, helping healthcare organizations coordinate and improve patient care.


“Integrating the FHIR standard into our Omni-HealthData platform is crucial in our mission to build a better healthcare system with data,” said Dennis McLaughlin, vice president, Omni operations and product management, ibi. “We have enhanced our platform to streamline data and analytics reporting, delivering a single, high-quality view of the healthcare ecosystem.”


ibi is putting the FHIR standard into practice in partnership with The Health Collaborative (THC). THC will leverage Omni-HealthData to create a next-generation health information exchange (HIE) using the FHIR Gateway, which will seamlessly distribute data to its customers and partners.


“ibi implementation of the FHIR standard in the Omni-HealthData platform speaks to their commitment to integrate health system data and provide a complete picture for our users,” said Alex Vaillancourt, CIO and senior vice president, Informatics, The Health Collaborative. “Using this FHIR Gateway to break down data silos and seamlessly distribute data is a priority for us as we work to create a more interoperable healthcare network. We are thrilled to be working with ibi and Omni-HealthData on this project to deliver a unified health system and payer data exchange.”



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