ibi Launches Analytical Data Mart for Symitar Episys® at CULytics

April 2, 2019

Powerful, Self-Service Analytics Drive Strategic Growth, Member Engagement, and Cost Efficiency Across Finance, Operations, Lending, and Marketing


Redmond, WA


Information Builders (ibi), a leader in business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data management solutions, today announced from the Credit Union Analytics Summit, that it is launching the Analytical Data Mart for Symitar Episys® (ADMS), designed exclusively for credit unions and their staff. With access to powerful, self-service analytics, credit unions can generate actionable business information across all departments and branches.



Credit unions spend a fraction on analytics technology compared to their regional banking counterparts, fueling a competitive disparity in targeted marketing, member acquisition and retention, deposit and lending growth, personalized experience, sales performance, pricing optimization, and operational efficiency. Most analytics offerings exacerbate this disparity due to a lack of integration with the credit union’s systems, products, and data.


Backed by ibi’s world-class technical support, customer education, and professional services, the ADMS is designed for near maintenance-free implementation and operation and is suitable for all credit unions, regardless of size and IT staff. Its easy-to-use analytics, dashboards, reports, charts, and scorecards, are accessible to all authorized users within the organization, removing communication barriers that come with siloed processes. With minimal or no training required, the solution addresses potential skills gaps in credit unions without dedicated IT personnel and saves users time that is better spent investing in customer retention.


The ADMS provides a rich set of insights, information, and analysis derived from automated data extraction from the Symitar Episys® core system, including executive key performance indicators (KPIs), branch performance, and lending metrics. Automated data refresh and reconciliation ensures the data is current and complete, with little or no IT intervention.


Jon Deutsch, global head of Financial Services, ibi said:

“Whether it is a lack of skills, manpower or technology, credit unions are challenged to leverage their data with powerful, self-service analytics to quickly and efficiently mine opportunities to improve service and rates, and grow marketshare, deposits, and lending volumes. The need has never been more urgent to keep pace with the increasingly growing analytical capabilities of global and large regional banks. ADMS delivers pre-built, powerful, self-service analytics, across all departments of the credit union, with data management automation requiring little or no IT intervention.”


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About ibi

ibi is a data and analytics company that embeds intelligence into ― everything. From the beginning, ibi has known the importance of data and insights to make better decisions. We help organizations get their complex and disconnected data in order, so they can build, embed and automate intelligence in everything they do. By preparing organizations for the future and turning them into builders ― information builders, everyone can use enterprise-trusted data at scale to drive their growth. Whether our customers use pre-built applications or build their own solutions for their data and analytics challenges, ibi powers their innovation and reinvention. ibi’s open platform and industry-specific building blocks accelerate speed-to-market, improve operational efficiency, and enhance their customers’ experience.



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