Ensure Trusted Data for Positive Outcomes

Guarantee your data is reliable to confidently drive positive business outcomes

Your business has access to an increasing volume of data, which is fast becoming your most important asset. But you really can’t depend on it unless you’re eliminating data silos, achieving governance, and managing quality. ibi™️ MDM is the solution to making your data a trusted source.

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Build an intelligent foundation

ibiData Intelligence is a unified solution that empowers organizations to address complex data challenges efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale.

Maximize business potential with master data management solutions

Increase revenue growth with master data management

To provide personalized cross-sell and up-sell offers, you need access to reliable and complete data for all customer touchpoints. ibi MDM provides a consolidated source of key master data on customers, products, and relationships between master data entities. With our master data management solution, this accurate data source helps you increase revenue by appropriately responding to customers on their channel of choice.

Improve productivity with master data management

Eliminate IT overhead and costs and drive operational efficiencies by implementing master data management to provide a complete, consistent, reliable source of master data across your organization.

Optimize your supply chain with master data management

Master Data Management offers a centralized perspective on products, and accurate information on inventory, product returns, and out-of-stock items across the supply chain, improving inventory management, forecasting, and customer service.

Improve compliance with master data management

Centralized and complete master data helps to reduce costs associated with compliance reporting and penalties. With master data management, fewer vendor and product compliance issues lead to faster new product introductions and vendor onboarding.

Key capabilities of ibi MDM

Achieve data harmony

Unify, cleanse, and integrate data from multiple sources effortlessly. Create a holistic view of your data by eliminating duplicates, resolving inconsistencies, and seamlessly integrating with existing systems.

Reach your goals faster

Unlock the power of an extensible master data repository with dynamic data modeling capabilities, sophisticated out-of-the-box features and customizable templates, achieving tangible results in iterative sprints.

Automate and reduce effort

Automate record matching, merging, and deduplication tasks through an intuitive machine learning platform. Leverage the power of AI to achieve unparalleled record matching precision with a well-trained ML model at your fingertips.

Effortlessly scale with demand

Boost availability and scalability to achieve high performance and responsiveness amid growing data complexity and user demands. Leverage Kubernetes orchestration for flexible deployment options on-premise or on a cloud platform of your preference.

Empower business users

Enable business users to effortlessly manage and leverage master data with a user-friendly visual design environment. Create cleaner, flexible role-based interfaces through intuitive drag-and-drop actions with no coding or technical expertise.

Strengthen data governance

Support comprehensive data governance practices by enforcing data standards, defining ownership and stewardship roles, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with regulations, industry standards, and internal policies.

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