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Basler Versicherungen gets complete view of customer data

The company needed to eliminate time-consuming manual data collection and improve information access by deploying strategic reporting analysis applications.








ibi analytics platform and ibi data platform



Basler Versicherungen, a subsidiary of the Baloise Group, is the fourth-largest provider of personal and commercial insurance in Switzerland.

self-service BI applications
view of each customer
employees can effectively log and manage time


Basler Versicherungen, Baloise’s largest unit, is currently one of the leading commercial and personal insurance providers in Switzerland, serving private individuals, small and mid-sized companies, and select industrial firms. It sells various insurance products through its own sales force along with a small network of third-party sales partners.


The company had limited visibility into the performance of more than 650 brokers who sell its insurance products and drive more than 30 percent of its revenue. Staff also lacked a complete view of customer activity, which hindered service delivery and prevented them from identifying cross-sell opportunities. The company needed to improve access to vital, timely information in its corporate systems.


Basler currently uses 80 distinct applications, all built on the ibi analytics platform. This helps the company achieve full transparency into the organization and enables it to efficiently run all facets of its business.


For example, a comprehensive broker cockpit facilities comprehensive performance visibility and management across the landscape of its third-party sales partners. Also, account managers can better serve and identify cross-selling opportunities more rapidly with a 360-degree customer view. Additionally, 3,500-plus employees can more effectively log and manage their time.


The company’s use of the ibi analytics platform has not only increased IT and business productivity, but also helped the company improve core business activities, such as the development of new products and successful sales strategies.


The success of the first two business intelligence (BI) initiatives prompted Basler to roll out other applications. One helps agents easily and quickly initiate, track, and manage the policy renewal process instead of manually gathering data from several back-end systems and then consolidating it into spreadsheets.


All data warehouses and marts, as well as the ibi platform, run on the same UNIX platform as the back-end databases, creating cohesion among the entire infrastructure. Additionally, ibi’s seamless integration with Basler’s own internal security architecture helps keep confidential corporate data protected from unauthorized viewing.


The company’s IT team is also more productive. ibi’s user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface is far more efficient than previous development methods. Other reporting solutions, such as a wide-scale time management system, allow users to retrieve, update, change, or add information by altering data at its original source.


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Our ability to service our customers has greatly improved. Even more advantageous is our ability to use that information to identify opportunities to boost revenues by cross-selling additional products and services to our clients.”


Markus Jaegle

IT Specialist

Basler Versicherungen

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