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BBVA scales from national to global operational powerhouse

BBVA needed to summarize auditors’ activities, consolidate operational data from internal auditing, and automate data extraction and analysis with BI technology.





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ibi analytics platform and ibi data platform



BBVA, headquartered in Spain, is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, serving more than 50 million customers in 30 countries across Europe, America, and Asia-Pacific.

auditors’ activity across 13 countries summarized
single source for accurate information


Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) relies on two enterprise applications to automate its activities: one manages the auditors’ daily operations, and the other supplies executive reports to management.With more than 700 professionals in 13 countries, BBVA department managers needed better tools and a scalable solution to serve auditors’ needs. The number of scorecards increased, requiring more manual intervention, which taxed the IT and internal audit teams. Also, rapid expansion motivated senior management to streamline BBVA’s global auditing operations.


BBVA needed a scalable, user-friendly business analytics and reporting solution that could enforce consistency across the company’s auditing practice. It selected the ibi analytics platform to consolidate data into interactive dashboards, reports, and graphs.


ibi enabled BBVA to access data from its enterprise systems and integrate it into a Teradata data warehouse structured for real-time analysis and historical reporting. The company used the ibi data platform to connect with the data at its source and the ibi analytics platform to display the data in a graphic format through key performance indicators (KPIs).


According to BBVA Director Cristina Barreda, one of the major milestones of this project has been adapting dashboards to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This deployment flexibility has motivated internal audit departments to adopt the ibi analytics platform as its standard platform for business analytics.


The ibi analytics platform automates the department’s data management and reporting activities, extracting data from the enterprise systems and generating dashboards and reports for viewing on computers and mobile devices. BBVA professionals use the new analytics system to report monthly to the Commission of Audit and Compliance and to support internal audit reporting.


Auditors now have a self-service environment for analyzing activity data and viewing historical reports, increasing their efficiency. And robust information management capabilities within the ibi analytics platform ensure that the data is consistent, reliable, secure, consolidated, and available at the beginning of each month.


Barreda adds, “We also wanted to standardize our information management activities across all countries in which we operate. With reliable, timely data, we can easily scale this information to higher levels for better decision-making.”


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The ibi analytics platform helps us to avoid the errors and the inefficiencies of manually analyzing data and generating reports.”


Cristina Barreda



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