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Caja Rural de Aragón powers up with better BI tools

The company needed to develop intelligent dashboards with scorecards for greater visibility into customer preferences, employee actions, and campaigns.





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Caja Rural de Aragón is part of the Caja Rural Group, one of the main banking groups in Spain with more than 2,700 offices.

managers use scorecards to improve customer experience
new reports created in just four months


In an era of economic uncertainty and increasing financial regulation throughout Europe, bank officers at Caja Rural de Aragón wanted to improve the bank’s reporting and business intelligence (BI) capabilities so they could more closely monitor operational activities, improve customer satisfaction, and mitigate churn.


The bank also wanted a system that could easily share information with all business units and commercial branch managers. Decision-makers throughout the Caja Rural de Aragón network needed greater visibility into customer activities, employee actions, and outreach initiatives so they could provide superior customer service and respond quickly to new opportunities.


Caja Rural de Aragón has become one of ibi’s most loyal customers. Its confidence in ibi data and analytics solutions developed over several projects, some of which were introduced through its mergers.


For example, Caja Provincial of Huesca and Zaragoza, which later would become part of Multicaja, used the ibi analytics platform to manage vast amounts of information on the organization’s IBM DB2 mainframe system. This highly successful BI project has seen tremendous user adoption. Cajalón also adopted the ibi analytics platform organization-wide as the foundation for enterprise reporting and information management. The company began with five daily reports and created 75 additional reports in just four months, and has continued to increase the number of reports and new features.


Caja Rural de Aragón’s focus is on developing analytics tools that can address specific challenges throughout the organization, including data analysis from multiple domains. Its BI environment is based on a set of specific scorecards, with metrics that display the performance of various individuals or groups.


For example, more than 120 managers and supervisors depend on the Shuttle scorecard, which measures quality of service, to improve the customer experience. The Transactional Analysis Channel scorecard, which measures customer demographics and interactions, helps managers improve performance, extend best practices throughout the network, and evaluate marketing and outreach activities. And the company relies on the Segments scorecard to respond to clients and fine-tune customer service practices.


Going forward, Garcia and his team plan to extract even greater intelligence from these dashboards and scorecards by using the ibi analytics platform to enable mobile access through tablets and smartphones.


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When we need to create dashboards and operational scorecards that can combine and analyze data from multiple sources, we turn to the experts at ibi for assistance.”


Juan Ramon Garcia

Systems Director

Caja Rural de Aragón

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