Customer Story

York Regional Police prevents crime by turning data into actionable intelligence

York Regional Police needed to organize and harness its siloed unstructured and structured data to optimize its analytics capabilities.


Ontario, Canada



Law enforcement



ibi, a TIBCO company, data platform and ibi Professional Services



York Regional Police is a law enforcement organization that serves more than a million residents in the York Region of Ontario, Canada.

2,200 sworn and unsworn members of YRP police force
1,750 square kilometers bordering the city of Toronto protected
15 seconds to verify where the greatest demands for policing services take place


Formed in 1971 through the consolidation of 14 separate municipal police forces, York Regional Police (YRP) has been amassing valuable data for years. Critical police information was stored in a variety of locations, including a dispatch system, records management system, PeopleSoft enterprise resource management (ERP) system, and other sources such as Microsoft Excel.


Unstructured documents, such as undercover reports and officer observations, also contained vital details that stakeholders needed to access.

To support data-driven decision-making, all this information had to be manually aggregated and de-conflicted to answer questions about how, when, where, and why police assets were deployed. The challenge was to bring order to York Regional Police’s siloed structured and unstructured data, and then harness that data for optimal use in strategic planning, performance management, and operational analysis.


YRP’s business intelligence (BI) unit worked with ibi to apply law enforcement data to the agency’s Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC). The company chose a data warehouse solution that wove together data across all departments, becoming the foundation for a cohesive analytics environment.


The solution included:

  • Creating an advanced crime analysis system to provide analysts with access to discrete, structured data as well as unstructured data from written reports
  • Developing officer activity analytics to help the organization identify officers whose exposure to traumatic events might lead to elevated stress levels, threatening their mental and physical well-being
  • Providing officer activity analytics dashboards to officers in which they could view their activity in relation to organizational priorities, enabling greater impact on community safety


Better analytical applications improved results in crime prevention, resource allocation, worker wellness, and organizational performance. And with more efficient use of resources and assets, York has experienced dramatic reductions in time spent collating disparate data and delivering actionable policing. This knowledge is helping YRP quantify the cost of policing and prosecuting various types of crimes, as well as calculate time and resources devoted to non-criminal activity.

“We view business intelligence and data analytics as a strategic priority for our organization,” Greg Stanisci, York’s Business Intelligence and Data Analytics manager concludes. “ibi has helped us leverage our data to detect, suppress, and prevent crime as we turn raw data into actionable intelligence.”

“This platform is transforming the way we conduct frontline operations. It allows our frontline officers to receive and digest information in a meaningful way, and ensure that we have the right information to strategically deploy our resources.”


James MacSween

Deputy Chief

York Regional Police