FOCUS Fridays VUG - Synonyms Part 2, Dates Basics, MAINTAIN Datetime Subroutines

Welcome to February and FOCUS Fridays! We continue this month with FOCUS/WebFOCUS basics in the areas of synonyms, date format fields in FOCUS/WebFOCUS, and datetime subroutines in Maintain:

  • Synonym in Depth – SEGMENT specs - The Master file or synonym is the key to using the FOCUS language with any file. This in-depth look at synonym will go beyond the automatic view of the file that the tools create and examine how you can use the synonym to handle difficult cases. We continue this month with the SEGMENT level specifications and its characteristics, including POSITION, OCCURS, CRFILE, and SEGSUF. Join us to see how you can take advantage of these characteristics.
  • Dates-Basics - So many choices for dates can be confusing.  In this session we will talk about legacy versus smart dates and datetime formats.  We will show examples of using dates and data functions in both DEFINE/TABLE and Dialogue Manager.
  • Maintain Date-Time Subroutines - Most of the Date-Time subroutines in WebFOCUS are available to Maintain users but some have different syntax. We will discuss some of the more helpful functions.

Join us on February 25, 2022 for FOCUS Friday - Register today.

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