Virtual User Group: TIBCO WebFOCUS Back to the Basics

This year’s Fall User Group Series is set to deliver knowledge-packed sessions featuring:

  • Guidance from our top subject matter experts
  • Interactive discussions in which you can share your challenges and exchange ideas
  • Deep dives into the latest data and analytics trends and solutions

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Customer Resource Update 
Presented by Shay Creech, Customer Marketing Manager, TIBCO

Data Prep 101 
This session will demonstrate data provisioning and preparation in TIBCO WebFOCUS® software. See how personal data is accessed, loaded into a high performance engine, and metadata is built to support effective analytics.
Presented by: Joe Walsh, Area Technical Specialist, TIBCO 

Intro to Designer & Portal 
Find out how you can create insights, analyses, reports, and visualizations with WebFOCUS Designer.  We'll cover how to access data, navigate the WebFOCUS® Designer interface, visualize data, organize the content into pages, and place all that content into a portal.
Presented by: Rich Mackinac, Lead Solutions Engineer, TIBCO 

How to Create Reporting Objects 
Find out how you can use reporting gbjects to transform complex views of data and label them with common business terminology that every user can understand. Present available data as well as selection criteria (WHEREs), JOINs, virtual fields, DEFINEs), filters, and other WebFOCUS statements, as well as reports or charts supplied as templates with reporting objects.
Presented by: Rich Mackinac, Lead Solutions Engineer, TIBCO

TIBCO WebFOCUS Back to the Basics VUG
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