What’s New in WebFOCUS 9.1 Virtual User Group (North America)

TIBCO is excited to announce the launch of TIBCO WebFOCUS® v.9.1, designed to make you even more successful.

This latest WebFOCUS® release includes exciting features such as:

  • Designer Document Mode—allows users to seamlessly customize the layouts of multi-page documents
  • Designer Interactions—gives the option in assemble mode to create interactions that execute at runtime
  • New DSML functions such as Time Series and Clustering
  • TIBCO ModelOps integration

Additionally, this release includes key updates to existing features in Designer, DSML NLQ, and more!

Join us on November 16th, 2022, 11:00am–12:30pm EST.

What's New in WebFOCUS 9.1
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