June 12, 2020

The healthcare data value chain


Solving data management challenges with Omni-HealthData


Fewer than 50 percent of healthcare CIOs trust their data.1 How about you?


For decades, the healthcare industry has been plagued by data challenges, such as interoperability standards, hundreds of data silos, millions of disparate codes, and complex algorithm management. But even after healthcare organizations have spent billions of dollars to move to large, single-platform EHR solutions to address the issues, the problems persist.


In this e-book, we break down the different levels of complexity that healthcare organizations face when managing their data and show how Omni-HealthData offers the remedy: a single-platform solution for business intelligence, analytics, and data management that gives providers a comprehensive view of the entire practice, with the ability to acquire, manage, and analyze data more efficiently and effectively than ever before.


  1. Kaufman Hall Survey, February 2019.