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State and local governments can be slow to modernize. It’s time to shift that paradigm by building a cloud-based, robust data and analytics operation that focuses on real-time access to what matters most: improving service to citizens, proactively responding to changing public needs and enhancing outcome based emergency preparedness. Ibi makes this (and much more) possible by transforming government data into actionable intelligence that guides strategic decision-making. Achieve operational efficiency and see organizational effectiveness sky rocket by gaining economies of scale across departments for the future-facing government your citizens desire and demand.

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Smart government


Empower all departments from cities to counties and statewide to collaborate with each other, access real-time information, and make decisions with total transparency.

Population health


Bring together data from disparate sources for a single view of citizens, while improving the delivery of community health and preventive health programs.

Efficient organization


Button up and build a deep understanding of internal operations through aggregated human resources and financial data, revenue monitoring, fraud detection, and compliance reporting, all in one place.

Be aware and prepare


Global crises lead to the evolution of technology; each iteration to any organization’s response plan is the sum of painful lessons on the significance of situational awareness.


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City of Brampton, Ontario

Fine Revenue: ↑ From better-targeted enforcement efforts
Late Buses: ↓ As transit monitoring improves on-time performance

The Challenge


Brampton, Ontario, a prosperous and diverse suburb of Toronto, is home to 600,000 people and a growing number of corporate headquarters. Over the past decade, the city has identified and addressed a series of technical hurdles:


Data quality and consistency: Brampton’s departments and agencies kept different and incompatible records that made it difficult to achieve accurate citywide snapshots of properties, citizens, and employees.


Data-based decision making: Analytics necessary to drive smarter decisions were not always available in a useful and easily accessible form.


IT efficiency: As the scale of data gathering and processing increased, so did the complexity of maintaining the required technology infrastructure.

The advantage to us is simpler administration. We can leave the maintenance and infrastructure concerns to Amazon and Information Builders, so our staff can focus on activities that benefit our client base.”


Gustavo Espinosa
Team Leader, Digital innovation and IT Division
City of Brampton

The Results

The data-quality initiative increased staff efficiency while reducing the cost of mail returned for incorrect addresses. The analytics system improved the responsiveness of service delivery across the municipal government.

Game-changing portal

A transit portal with six dashboards, 40 key performance indicators (KPIs), and more than 120 guided analytics displays allows more than 100 city employees to track riders, buses, and drivers. The impact: fewer late buses and more riders.

Real-time enforcement

A portal supporting enforcement of local ordinances tracks violations, fines, and related activities. Police can monitor and map incidents in real time to deploy officers where they are most needed. The impact: greater fine collection.

Employee self-service

A key initiative was to put as much of the analytics control as possible in the hands of front-line municipal workers. Easy-to-use portals and documents embedded with interactive analytics make it easy for an official to quickly find the right view of data.

Building for the future


In 2019, the city adopted ibi’s Cloud, moving its data and analytics software and support to an environment hosted by Amazon Web Services.

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Louisiana Department of Health

3 million+ Client records
100,000+ Provider records
160 Data sources

The Challenge


In 2014, the Louisiana Office of Technology Services (OTS) began building a new Medicaid enrollment system. But to work properly, the Medicaid system needed not only to gather data from myriad other state and federal systems; it also had to sort through inconsistencies to determine the residency, income level and other key facts about applicants. Pressure on the project built in 2016, when Governor John Bel Edwards added 481,000 recipients through Medicaid expansion. Another pain point: Auditors for the state legislature regularly identified cases of Medicaid fraud, many attributable to the archaic computer system.

ibi software allowed us to put together a 360-degree view of the citizen. This and other data management projects directly align with the goals and views of the administration. The level of support we receive from ibi is essential for this type of vision to become reality.”


Richard “Dickie” Howze
Chief Information Officer
State of Louisiana

The Results

Fraud prevention

When the new Medicaid eligibility system went live in late 2018, Louisiana became one of the few states that can determine eligibility in real time. It draws information from more than 160 different sources to validate applications – and prevent fraud.

Universal view

Going forward, the state hopes to use the master records from its Medicaid system to create a “single view of the citizen” across all state programs.

Clean data

For the Medicaid system, the ibi software combines and cleans multiple databases to create a single master file of clients and another of more than 100,000 healthcare providers.

Always modernizing


“There are endless opportunities to standardize our data management practices and extend these golden records to support many other systems. Ibi is an important part of that strategy.” – Michael Allison, State of Louisiana, chief technology officer.

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