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Transformational data and analytics for modern utility companies


With smart assets and the IoT device count growing every year, there is more data for utility-related companies to sift through than ever. With ibi’s cloud capability that leverages machine learning and advanced data science, utilities can transform all of this, including customer data, into actionable insights that help them do better business.

How we help

Smarter metering and customer tracking


Gain full visibility and advanced understanding of customer usage and trends to set pricing, model future demand, implement preventative maintenance, and proactively manage outages.

Advanced operational insights


Build a comprehensive view of operations and energy consumption by consolidating data from diverse sources, including sensor (IoT) data.

Optimized, predictive maintenance


Leverage comprehensive process and usage information to define and identify thresholds and build an unparalleled predictive maintenance program.

Case Study

Siemens Energy

20% Market share of large-scale power plants worldwide maintained by Siemens Energy
13 Applications and dashboards to monitor business functions
100 Types of email alerts for potential problems

The Challenge


For Siemens Energy, which helps maintain one-fifth of the world’s large-scale power plants, forecasting spare part needs is crucial. Mistakes are hard to fix: It can take months to build a set of blades for a modern turbine.


And yet, not too long ago Siemens’ sales representatives struggled to tell clients when critical parts were going to be available. The company’s SAP enterprise resource planning software couldn’t distill all the complex details of the manufacturing process into an accurate forecast for delivery of finished parts. Other areas of the company, from shipping to invoicing, were likewise frustrated by the lack of useful information available from the SAP system.

Our ibi analytics application is critical to our business. Our users love it. They depend on this information to do their jobs and satisfy customers.”


Steve Burke

Project Manager

Siemens Energy

The Results

The ibi system quickly became indispensable to users throughout the company. They now have visibility into SAP information, where inventory is, what is coming in and what is going out.

Flexible functionality

With ibi, Siemens found what it was looking for: broad functionality, ease of use, a flexible development environment, and easy integration with SAP.


One particularly effective use has been automatic email alerts triggered whenever issues related to orders arise. For example, sales representatives are notified whenever a problem is blocking the delivery of an order.

Powerful visibility

“Now we always know where our inventory is, what we are bringing in, and what is going out. We have improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity because of the insight we gain from these dashboards.” – Steve Burke, Siemens Energy, project manager.

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