5 Mistakes Federal CDOs Cannot Make

As chief data officers (CDOs) settle into their newly created roles across the federal government, they’ve been handed a to-do list – it’s a doozy.


There are 20 separate steps on the 2020 Action Plan published by the Office of Management and Budget, part of a 10-year effort to make data collected by the government more accurate, accessible, and useful for decision-making. CDOs must now lead their agencies in a wide-ranging reassessment of all data and the systems that collect it.


Unfortunately, the law that set this process in motion – the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (“Evidence Act”) – allocates no additional funds to achieve these goals. And whatever resources might have been available to fulfill these mandates are now at risk of being reallocated to the multi-trillion-dollar coronavirus response.


Join this interactive executive roundtable of your peers to discuss five likely missteps – and ways to use data and analytics to avoid them. We will also discuss ways CDOs in federal agencies can move quickly, conserve resources, and deliver analytics that will drive better government policy and improve outcomes. You’ll have the opportunity to join the conversation with questions, comments and to share the data challenges you’re experiencing.


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