5 Modern Data Architecture Trends for an AI-Augmented Future

Data Points Webinar Series

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At the speed technology continues to evolve, pivot, and just plain re-invent itself, knowing which trends to watch is a key differentiator for transformation leaders and implementors looking to level up their agility, deliver results fast, and support the business’ long-term goals, which will inevitably include AI.


Join David Menninger, Ventana Research, and Vincent Deeney, ibi, as they discuss the five defining data architecture trends for the modern organization.


They cover:


  • The need for scalable data architectures and elastic data processing
  • The rising importance of data quality and data governance
  • Supporting unstructured data for AI-driven algorithms
  • The shift in hype from Hadoop to cloud data warehouses
  • The maturation of streaming data architectures

Featured Speakers

  • David Menninger

    David Menninger

    Sr. Vice President and Research Director
    Ventana Research

  • Vince Deeney

    Vincent Deeney

    Senior Director, World Wide Strategic Services

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