Beyond Analytics: Optimizing Patient Engagement and Revenue

Patient engagement improves health outcomes, drives better patient care, and helps lower costs by potentially eliminating costly emergency procedures.


Does your organization have a 360-degree view of the patient experience? Can you identify and stratify patient populations to apply appropriate intervention with available resources in a culturally competent way? Insurers, ACOs, and hospitals leverage patient journey data and operational processes to produce rich insight that helps to improve patient care.


Join Ready Computing and ibi to learn how intelligent health operations improve patient outcomes, control costs, and increase consumer and provider engagement.


You’ll see a demonstration of a solution that combines the power of Omni-HealthData and WebFOCUS from ibi with Ready Computing’s Channels. The solution fuels end-to-end digital transformation in healthcare operations, enabling organizations to experience superior outcomes and value realization today, while streamlining operations that service the healthcare market of tomorrow.

Featured Speakers

  • Mark Taylor | Ready Computing

    Mark Taylor

    Director of Product Strategy
    Ready Computing

  • Christopher Barnes

    Christopher Barnes

    Competitive Intelligence Manager

TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together



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