Changing the Game With Predictive Maintenance

This webinar focuses on deploying predictive maintenance applications for government agencies and commercial organizations.


Hear how federal agencies, state and local governments, and transportation and logistics organizations can create performance analytics to save money on fleet, asset, or system maintenance by proactively identifying and managing asset reliability risks that could adversely affect plant or business operations.


See a demo of Predictive Maintenance in action (inspired by a mission-critical military scenario) designed to:

  • Reduce downtime, gain huge cost savings and efficiencies, and keep fleets and operations running smoothly
  • Apply predictive models on top of a wide array of integrated data including historical logs, IoT sensors, NOAA weather, and more
  • Predict before something breaks so you can replace a part and avoid unnecessary downtime or missed missions


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Featured Speakers

  • Deepinder Uppal

    Deepinder Uppal

    Vice President of Public Sector Technology Innovation
    Information Builders

  • Jeff Dodson

    Jeff Dodson

    Pre-Sales Sr. Systems Engineer
    Information Builders