Data and Analytics for Better Decision-Making in Federal Law Enforcement

Part of the ibi Digital Transformation Roundtable series

Information technology has improved many individual aspects of federal law enforcement operations, but it has also inadvertently created information silos that prevent command staff and officers on the street from obtaining the data they need for situational awareness, officer safety, investigations, and strategic deployment of resources.


Federal agencies need a consolidated view of all information available on the persons, places, and things relevant to solving crime and making our communities safer places to live, work, and play – but this data often resides in multiple disparate data systems.


Join this interactive executive roundtable of your peers to discuss how delivering the right information at the right time to the right people enhances deployment decisions, improves officer safety, and provides efficiency.


We’ll explore topics on how to:

  • Identify organizational priorities and find data roadblocks
  • Access and unify complex data
  • Distribute operational analytics to everyone – any way they want
  • Leverage AI and other augmented analytics to build transformative experiences

You’ll have the opportunity to join the conversation with questions and comments to share the data challenges you’re experiencing.


Seating is limited. Register now to secure your spot.

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