Demo: Building a better future with data science

AI and machine-learning are having a dramatic effect on how we interact with data – it’s happening every day even when it’s not obvious.


Is your business prepared to leverage this data technology?


As a new frontier in data, it’s crucial for enterprises to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), democratize it across their organization (it’s not just for developers or data scientists), and leverage it to run their business operations and drive growth.


In this live demo you’ll learn more about:


  • Specific use cases, such as how to detect fraud or manage inventory with AI/ML
  • How users, from coders to the non-technical, can benefit
  • How ibi’s open architecture data platform goes beyond reporting
  • What’s next for AI/ML at ibi and the data world

Featured Speakers

  • Joseph Beaubien

    Joseph Beaubien

    Sr. Systems Engineer

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