East Canada Virtual User Group




Welcome, Customer Updates, Introductions

Shay Creech, Customer Marketing Manager, ibi


New Features Demo/Product Roadmap

Dirk Kuerbig, Western Canada Technical Manager, ibi


Creating Visually Compelling Applications Using Designer

Matt Capraro, Systems Engineer, ibi


Data Lineage and Governance Across the Platform

Vincent Deeney, Senior Director, Strategic Services, ibi


Wrap Up and Q&A

Featured Speakers

  • Shay Creech

    Shay Creech

    Customer Marketing Manager
    ibi, a TIBCO company

  • Dirk Kuerbig

    Dirk Kuerbig

    Western Canada Technical Manager

  • Matt Capraro

    Sr. Systems Engineer
    bi, a TIBCO company

  • Vince Deeney

    Vincent Deeney

    Senior Director, World Wide Strategic Services

TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together



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