Voya’s Journey With Master Data Management

Financial Services Virtual Community of Interest Series

If you missed this event, that’s OK – you can still access the recording, whenever you have time.


In Part 2 of our special series for customers in financial services, we’re squarely focused on master data management.


First, you’ll be treated to a special presentation, “Voya’s Journey With Master Data Management,” led by Charles Kim, the firm’s SVP, head of Data Governance and Strategy.


Then, our own Vince Deeney, senior director at ibi, will discuss why and how we’re a leader in master data management solutions, and what we can do for your organization.


Each webinar in this series will feature a customer spotlight presentation and additional content from our team showcasing how ibi solutions can best work for you.

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Kira Aubrey, Customer Marketing Manager, ibi


Voya’s Journey with Master Data Management

Charles Kim, SVP, Head of Data Governance and Strategy, Voya Investment Management


ibi MDM Capabilities

Vince Deeney, Senior Director, World Wide Strategic Services, ibi


Wrap-Up and Q&A

Featured Speakers

  • Kira Aubrey

    Kira Aubrey

    Customer Marketing Manager

  • Vince Deeney

    Vincent Deeney

    Senior Director, World Wide Strategic Services

  • Charles Kim

    SVP, Head of Data Governance and Strategy
    Voya Investment Management

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