Get a head start in 2021 with these top data and analytics trends

You don’t need a crystal ball to inform your data strategy future. ibi’s recent “Talk Data to Me” survey results uncovered a wealth of real-world insights to help you prosper in 2021 and beyond.


Want to know why your organization’s ability to quickly adopt and operationalize data and analytics is integral to its ability to flourish in the coming years?


Join our webinar, co-hosted with IDC, as we combine and share insights into why:

  • The “data culture” is just starting to take root
  • Leaders are losing sleep over data security
  • Data storage is getting a change of address: Moving on up to the cloud
  • That “single version of the truth” remains elusive

Featured Speakers

  • Sam Patel

    Samantha Patel

    Vice President, Customer and Partner Marketing

  • IDC's Chandana Gopal

    Chandana Gopal

    Research Director, Business Analytics

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