How Rosnet Enhances SaaS Platform With Embedded Profitability Analytics

Data in the Life

Rosnet wanted to help the data-rich but insight-poor restaurant industry improve profitability and drive internal efficiencies, but the company needed accurate data and a smarter way to deliver insights to every user in order to transform the industry.


Join us and Patrick Bobrukiewicz, Director of Business Development at Rosnet, to learn how Rosnet partnered with ibi to overcome its data challenges and enhance users’ ability to analyze food costs, labor costs, and other key service metrics with embedded analytics.


We discuss:


  • The catalyst for the development of their internal and client-facing self-service portal
  • The ROI they’ve seen from putting the power of data discovery directly into the hands of their clients
  • Lessons Rosnet learned during their search for the right solution, plus tips for those on a similar journey
  • Plans for what they want to accomplish next with their data and analytics

Featured Speakers

  • Patrick Bobrukiewicz

    Patrick Bobrukiewicz

    Director of Business Development

  • Melissa Treier

    Melissa Treier

    Vice President of Product Sales and Sales Strategy

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