Language Performance, Surveys With Maintain, and MFD Profiles

FOCUS Fridays

Join this upcoming FOCUS Friday session, where we discuss the following topics:


Language Performance

Not all FOCUS commands are created equal. Some are more efficient under certain circumstances. Join us as we review and assess what runs best and where.


Creating Surveys With Maintain

Maintain forms are made for collecting data. Maintain is the perfect tool for creating templates for both static and dynamic surveys.


MFD Profiles

If you need to run a procedure prior to accessing a data source then this session is for you. We will show how to create and use and MFD_PROFILE to SET DBA, SET VARIABLES, or even just issue a FILEDEF to help automate your procedures.

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Featured Speakers

  • Walter Blood

    Walter Blood

    Director of Product Management and Support

  • Walter Brengel

    Walter Brengel

    Technical Director

  • Mark Derwin

    Technical Director

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