Learn about MacGyver, variables for Dialogue Manager, and ways to preset selection controls

FOCUS Fridays

Attend this upcoming webinar to watch three great presenters “FOCUS” on some great technology tips.


Working with Dialogue Manager variables

Dialogue Manager, the scripting language that ties all of FOCUS together, uses variables to communicate information and provide flexibility. This session will look at the types of variables and how you can use them to build your application.


Intro to MacGyver

The infamous MacGyver technique, named after the TV show genius who can fix almost anything with a wad of bubble gum and a paper clip, will be explained as to how it works and what you can do with it. Please join us to learn how to duplicate input records (virtually) to create sub-reports.


Presetting selection controls

When loading a record from the database, the selection controls on the form should display the current values. This presentation discusses two ways to make this happen.

Featured Speakers

  • Walter Blood

    Walter Blood

    Director of Product Management and Support

  • Walter Brengel

    Walter Brengel

    Technical Director

  • Mark Derwin

    Technical Director

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