Learn FML Basics, MATCH File processing, and exiting a Maintain app

FOCUS Fridays

Attend this upcoming webinar to watch three great presenters “FOCUS” on some great technology tips.


MATCH FILE Processing

While TABLE with JOIN is the primary tool for generating reports, MATCH FILE offers a unique alternative that gives you additional control over the connection of multiple files and the selection of data records at multiple points. Join us for a deep look at MATCH.


FML basics

This session will get you started with the FOCUS syntax, designed explicitly for financial reporting, available in both FOCUS and in WebFOCUS.


Exiting a Maintain application

Current browsers do not let the application close the browser upon exit. We will look at a few different ways to successfully exit an application.

Featured Speakers

  • Walter Blood

    Walter Blood

    Director of Product Management and Support

  • Walter Brengel

    Walter Brengel

    Technical Director

  • Mark Derwin

    Technical Director

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