Legacy Modernization for State-Owned Entities



Freddie Mac. Fannie Mae. FDIC. Lottery Commissions. Former Olympic Sites.

These public-private partnerships – State-Owned Enterprises – are a double-edged sword filled with revenue potential for tax starved agencies and states. Actively owned and managed SOEs deliver real public value. The need to act like private enterprises to meet the public’s ever-increasing expectations for services and facilities creates tension and political frustration. The dialogue and priorities around these two distinct stakeholder groups and cultures can make it difficult for an SOE to make decisions and change, even where needed.


We’ll discuss:


  • The balancing act of SOEs serving public users and government managers
  • The stability/play it safe/growth/revenue mindsets of these audiences and how to navigate the politics
  • Growth strategies to fuel investment in customer experience
  • Modernizing infrastructure and facilities to create revenue opportunities and the tangential benefits of a well-run entity on the local community
  • Technology driving quantitative truths to inform all sorts of priorities and proactive decision-making to foster growth for the property

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