Managing the Healthcare Data Value Chain From End to End to Break Down Data Silos

Managing Healthcare Data as an Enterprise Asset

For decades, disparate data sources, code sets, and data definitions challenged the industry. Now that machine, social determinants, claims, and user generated data are in the mix, the complexity is only increasing.


It’s time to take an end-to-end approach to managing your data assets from onboarding, through enrichment, harmonization, and mastering to create a single version of the truth that supports stakeholders across the enterprise.


Part of our healthcare data webinar series, this webinar will cover:


  • Why each step of the healthcare data value chain is critical to the health of your data management program
  • How to unlock the challenges that have stymied healthcare organizations for too long
  • How artificial intelligence (AI) is leveraging data to improve clinical variation
  • Threats and opportunities when managing the data value chain as an enterprise endeavor
  • How ibi along with our industry partners, built Omni-HealthData as a solution to achieving data management objectives


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Featured Speakers

  • Bernard Brooks

    Bernard Brooks

    Enterprise Director of Data and Analytics
    Flagler Hospital

  • Bill Kotraba

    Bill Kotraba

    Vice President, Healthcare Solutions and Strategy

  • Shawn Sutherland

    Shawn Sutherland

    Manager, Patient and Member Outcomes

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