Move the needle with intelligent automation and augmented analytics



Manual processes. Siloed systems. Wonky data. Unreliable analytics. Any and all of these impact the ability of your business to drive revenue and push forward.


In this webinar, you’ll learn how Blue Prism and ibi leverage digital workers to quickly and accurately integrate data; identify data outliers that don’t mesh with your corporate standards; and create visual, actionable, sharable analytics. Join us to see we help you solve urgent problems now and foster continued efficiency and profitability, quickly via hyper automated analytics.


  • Get business done smarter and faster while scaling toward your biggest business goals
  • Augment human performance and potential by enabling real-time data integration, improving data quality, and leveraging actionable analytics
  • Act on every opportunity and compete on information

Featured Speakers

  • Chris Banks

    Chris Banks

    Sr. Director of BI and Analytics

  • Anna Twomey

    Director, Engineering
    Blue Prism

TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together



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