New Features Part 2, Dynamic Maintain Forms, and FML Basics

FOCUS Fridays

Join this upcoming FOCUS Friday session, where we discuss the following topics:


New Language Features Part 2

Don’t miss the second part of our exploration into some of the new language features. We will cover releases 8204/7708 through the current 8207 release.


Dynamic Maintain Forms

Just about every property on a Maintain form, or for each object, can be dynamically set. Come see how to set variables to accomplish this and make your forms more dynamic.


FML Basics

This session will get you started with the FOCUS syntax, designed explicitly for financial reporting, available in both FOCUS and in WebFOCUS.


You’ll learn how they can be used from releases 8204/7708 through the current 8207 release.


Register today, and be sure to sign up for Part 1 of this session.

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Featured Speakers

  • Walter Blood

    Walter Blood

    Director of Product Management and Support

  • Walter Brengel

    Walter Brengel

    Technical Director

  • Mark Derwin

    Technical Director

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