Credit Unions: Overcoming Roadblocks to a Successful Digital Transformation

Most credit union IT leaders know that properly supporting digital transformation initiatives requires increased investments in data and analytics. However most digital transformations stall before they take full effect, or worse just fail outright.


Often enough, these roadblocks pop up for reasons within your control. Credit unions must figure out how to integrate traditional data and analytics with modern sources to satisfy digital business demands and unlock greater value.


Join this interactive executive roundtable of peers in your area to discover how to overcome the roadblocks and make the choices that will foster a successful digital transformation.


We’ll explore topics on how to:

  • Identify organizational priorities and find data roadblocks
  • Access and unify complex data
  • Distribute operational analytics to everyone – any way they want
  • Leverage AI and other augmented analytics to build transformative experiences
  • Discover new data-centric products and business models

You’ll have the opportunity to join the conversation with questions, comments and to share the challenges and experiences you’re seeing around digital transformation.


Seating is limited. Register now to secure your spot.

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