State and Local Government Virtual User Group

Sustaining operations and citizen-focused analytics in a post-COVID-19 world






Welcome, Introductions, Customer Updates

Shay Creech, Customer Marketing Manager, ibi


Transforming Personal Data Into Advanced Insights

Joe Walsh, Area Technical Specialist, ibi


Partner Spotlight: Blue Prism

Supporting Epidemiologists in This Challenging Time

Anna Twomey, Director, Engineering, Blue Prism


Preparing for the New Normal: Situational Awareness in an Uncertain Future

Deep Uppal, Vice President, Public Sector Technology, ibi


Wrap-Up, Q&A

Featured Speakers

  • Shay Creech

    Shay Creech

    Customer Marketing Manager
    ibi, a TIBCO company

  • Joe Walsh

    Area Technical Specialist
    ibi, a TIBCO company

  • Anna Twomey

    Director, Engineering
    Blue Prism

  • Deepinder Uppal

    Deepinder Uppal

    Vice President of Public Sector Technology Innovation
    ibi, a TIBCO company

TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together



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