State of Maryland Virtual User Group



Customer Community: myibi Demo

Shay Creech, Customer Marketing Manager, ibi


New Features in WebFOCUS 8207

Jim McDermott, Technical Manager, ibi


Education Update

Frances Gambino, Vice President Technical Knowledge Management, ibi


WebFOCUS External Chart Extensions

Andrew Katz, Area Technical Specialist, ibi


Wrap Up and Q&A

Featured Speakers

  • Shay Creech

    Shay Creech

    Customer Marketing Manager
    ibi, a TIBCO company

  • Jim_McDermott

    Jim McDermott

    Assistant Area Technical Manager

  • Frances Gambino

    Frances Gambino

    Vice President, Technical Knowledge Management

  • Andrew Katz

    Andrew Katz

TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together



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