Tips and Techniques: Using MATCH to Merge, and Business View Basics

FOCUS Fridays

Join us for this KnowledgeShare webinar as our dynamic product gurus discuss tips, tricks, and techniques in WebFOCUS.


Walter Blood, Walter Brengel, and Mark Derwin will impart best practices to attendees about the following topics:


  • Business View Basics
  • 10 Minute Maintain Intro
  • Match – The Other Join


Session descriptions and speakers are provided below.



MATCH – The Other JOIN


When you need to connect different data sources together, JOIN, using the nested loop processing paradigm, is available for use. But you also have another connection language – MATCH – based on the sort-merge paradigm, that offers extensive connection functionality including hierarchical file outputs. This session will review and demonstrate the power of MATCH.


Business View Basics


If you have synonyms for your raw data tables and want to limit the scope for your queries, Business Views might be for you. We will show how to create a Business View by adding folders to your synonym/MASTER so the end user will only see what you want them to see.

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Featured Speakers

  • Walter Blood

    Walter Blood

    Director of Product Management and Support

  • Walter Brengel

    Walter Brengel

    Technical Director

  • Mark Derwin

    Technical Director

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