Build a Better Healthcare Future With Data

An Omni-HealthData Demonstration

Designed for modern data management that enables interoperability, enterprise analytics, and out-of-the-box clinical information applications, Omni-HealthData simplifies the complexity of social determinants of health (SDOH) with intelligent insights, drives action with care management analytics, and optimizes operation for competitive advantage.


In this platform demonstration, you will see how Omni-HealthData, powered by ibi, helps healthcare organizations break down data silos and achieve real value from their data.


See how Omni-HealthData empowers data-first organizations by:


  • Driving action where it matters most with care management analytics built for risk-based models
  • Simplifying the complexity of social determinants with intelligent insights that help communities thrive
  • Optimizing operations with unified and mastered provider directory data that restores trust and creates competitive advantage

Featured Speakers

  • Bill Kotraba

    Bill Kotraba

    Vice President, Healthcare Solutions and Strategy

  • Shawn Sutherland

    Shawn Sutherland

    Manager, Patient and Member Outcomes

  • Dan Burnette

    Dan Burnette

    Sr. Systems Engineer

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