WebFOCUS 8207: Assembling Pages and Developing Portal Applications

Spring KnowledgeShare Series

In addition to creating meaningful visualizations with WebFOCUS Designer, you can also pull existing visualizations together on pages, and add those pages to a complete portal application for members of your organization or end users, so they can access and analyze important information from the data.


Join this session to hear from Michelle Moody and Kathy Kendall as they highlight the benefits of using WebFOCUS Designer in 8207 to assemble your visualizations on pages, build filters to refine your view of data, and create portal applications that use the same branding and custom styling. They’ll also review how we’ve integrated functionality in this release to streamline your development so you can accomplish your work from within a single web-based tool.

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Featured Speakers

  • Michelle Moody

    Michelle Moody

    Product Manager

  • Mary Casull

    Mary Casull

    Director of Technical Content Services, Worldwide Customer Support

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