WebFOCUS 8207: Security, Adoption, and Next Steps

Spring KnowledgeShare Series

Over the past few weeks, you’ve learned about the key features that are available in WebFOCUS 8207, and how you can begin using them to connect to and prepare data, create and assemble visualizations in WebFOCUS Designer, and share the content you create with others in your organization. In this final session of our series, we’ll highlight the security updates that we’ve made to support these changes, as well as answers to the questions that you have around upgrading and adoption of this release.


Hear from David Glick and Ben Naphtali as they outline the security-related changes we’ve made, discuss answers to the questions you have around the upgrade and adoption of this release, and highlight what’s next.


Note: We have expanded the scope of this KnowledgeShare session to cover additional topics from our customers.

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Featured Speakers

  • David Glick

    David Glick

    Director, Business Intelligence Products Group

  • Ben Naphtali

    Ben Naphtali

    Director of Cloud Customer Support

  • Mary Casull

    Mary Casull

    Director of Technical Content Services, Worldwide Customer Support

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