West Canada Virtual User Group



Welcome, Customer Updates, Introductions

Shay Creech, Customer Marketing Manager, ibi


Real Time Integration and EDI: The Power of iWay Data Migrator with iWay Service Manager in the Cloud

Ray Cooper, User Group President


Dazzling Portals: Customizing the Portal Themes in WebFOCUS 8.2

Marcy Miller, Director, WebFOCUS Technical Sales & Strategy, ibi


Wrap Up and Q&A

Featured Speakers

  • Shay Creech

    Shay Creech

    Customer Marketing Manager
    ibi, a TIBCO company

  • Marcy Miller

    Marcy Miller

    Director, WebFOCUS Technical Sales & Strategy

  • Ray Cooper

    User Group President

TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together



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