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From its beginning, ibi has known that the technological evolution requires an informed understanding of the role data in an enterprise. Over the past 45 years, we’ve understood that role as well as anyone. Today, we continue to leverage both our forward-thinking and historical expertise to embed analytics into any product, application, portal, or process that requires enterprise-trusted data. That’s why the leading enterprises and partners choose us.

  • Open

    We’re completely flexible. We’ll work with any existing data ecosystem, regardless of solution provider.

  • Configurable

    We’ve designed our tech stack to be plug-and-play. You can use some of our solutions – or all of them.

  • Industry-specific

    We understand your business, so we can build real-time solutions that best help you grow.

  • Ubiquitous

    Our data is everywhere, allowing you to integrate and inject analytics into the products, applications, portals, and processes that your customers use everyday.

  • Scalable

    We’re built to run at scale. No matter the size of your data sets, deployment environment, or user count, we have dealt with it before and can help you now.

Data that simplifies


Streamlining data is our thing. We thrive on the complex challenges enterprises need to solve, gathering all relevant data, from real-time to batch, no matter where it resides.


Analytics that are everywhere


Once we embed analytics in your products, applications, processes, and portals, you can speed your time to market and grow at scale to support your employees and customers.

whyibi? analytics that are everywhere

Innovation that evolves


We embrace and integrate innovation, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, into all our technology, cutting out unnecessary manual processes for your team whenever possible.

why ibi? innovation that evolves.

Cloud that surpasses


Our elegant, all-in-one cloud solution lets you scale flexibly; stay current with updates; and tap into hosting, storage, and security.

why ibi? cloud that surpasses

Systems that grow


Our mission is to prepare companies for the future by turning them into builders who can use their trusted data and embedded analytics to power growth for generations to come.

why ibi? systems that grow

Leading global enterprises choose ibi


We’re proud to power organizations doing important work across industries and across the globe.



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