February FOCUS Friday VUG:  Sorting with the BY phrase, More Things You Can Use Today, An Admin’s Intro to FOCUS/WebFOCUS on IBMz

February FOCUS Fridays finds us examining the FOCUS BY command in all its functionality, seeking more useful things in the FOCUS language - what you don’t know about you can’t use - so we will try to expand your knowledge of the useful things and an admin’s intro to the files that FOCUS and WebFOCUS use on the IBM zSystem. 

Sorting with the BY phrase

The FOCUS/WebFOCUS language offers multiple ways to sort data. First and foremost is the BY phrase within TABLE – providing the sorting of rows.  Join us as we dive into the variations of BY, the functionality that can be attached to it, and the use cases that require special handling.

More things you can use today

How much of the FOCUS language do you know? What you do not know you will not be able to use. We will begin an exploration of language elements and functionalities that you may not be familiar with, showing you the language, the effect or functionality that it includes and how you may use it.

An admin’s intro to FOCUS/WebFOCUS on IBM Z - The files 

If you are in the position of administering or working with files on IBM z, this session will introduce you to the files that FOCUS and WebFOCUS use in processing and the files that are processed. This is the first of a series we will be hosting to support administrators.

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Walter Blood
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