Control the power of your data with ibi WebFOCUS® for i

A best of breed Business Intelligence solution for IBM i Series customers using DB2

Get fast, easy access to business information assets for query, reporting and analysis. The ibi WebFOCUS for i solution allows customers to benefit from a market leading BI tool to create and distribute information using modern methods and formats. This includes dashboards and reports that can be published online or distributed using the built-in scheduler.

IBM i Solution

Bigger, better, bolder - ibi WebFOCUS

The easy-to-use ibi WebFOCUS platform enables users to explore, create, analyze, publish, and collaborate on analytics content. Data scientists, developers, business analysts, and administrators can leverage powerful capabilities to manipulate and transform data and enable insightful decisions.

Create and distribute information with ease

Operational Reporting

Create sophisticated boardroom quality documents, operational reports, financial statements, invoices, and more. Combine images with borders, text, reports, and charts on various pages for pixel perfect documents.

Operational Reporting

Build/Edit reports and dashboards with Designer

A seamless workflow and integrated ecosystem of tools. Data prep, content creation, page assembly, sharing, and publication. Allows for the creation of any type of page including parameterized dashboards, data stories, apps and landing pages. Build reports, charts, graphs, maps and dashboards. 

Build-Edit reports and dashboards with Designer

Parameter driven reporting applications

Highly analytical apps for non technical users purpose built for specific use cases.

  • Parameterize anything such as how it is sorted, measured, and exported.
  • Provide any decision maker with fast & easy access to actionable information w/o having to understand the complexity of the underlying data and analytics.

Report Scheduling & Distribution

Schedule reports to run at specific times or intervals and distribute through the channel of choice in popular formats. Send an entire report or break it into sections using the burst feature for extreme granularity in what to share with whom.

Report Scheduling and Distribution

ibi Data Migrator ETL

Automate creating and managing data warehouses and data marts, use specialized high volume data warehouse loaders, schedule data updates at user-defined intervals triggered by events or conditional dependencies, load star schema with slowly changing dimensions, and monitor and manage essential server functions.

ibi Data Migrator ETL

The ibi WebFOCUS for i advantage

  • Powerful discovery and creation

    Powerful discovery and creation 

    Explore, create, analyze, publish, and collaborate on analytics content

  • Seamless sharing and distribution

    Seamless sharing and distribution

    Share and distribute fully customizable analytics at scale

  • Flexible, connected, embedded capabilities

    Easily connect to any data source, and deploy to tens of thousands of users and thousands of apps

  • Expanded features and functionality

    Expanded features and functionality

    Individual user workspaces, full access to administration, management of users and groups, and more that was not included in Web Query

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