ibi™ Open Data Hub for Mainframe

Don't get caught using yesterday's data to make today's decisions.

ibi™ Open Data Hub for Mainframe exposes the full power of your data while keeping it on the IBM Z platform–allowing you to leverage & extend powerful visualizations in BI & Analytics tools, like ibi™ WebFOCUS, in a simple and secure manner. Leverage and extend your data visualization and reporting in a simple and secure manner.  

Companies depend on mainframes for security, reliability, and scalability of their operations. Mainframes process and store vast amounts of sensitive, valuable information that can be difficult for analysts to access due to data security, data format, or the complexity of different data elements maintained in legacy systems. Open Data Hub for Mainframe combines the power and security of IBM Z with the modern BI revolution, allowing you to have the best of legacy and modern tools.


Improve Data Availability 

With Open Data Hub for Mainframe, gain real-time access to your IBM Z data. You can retrieve and analyze information directly in your BI tool to quickly enable better insights and knowledge sharing.


Connect Data Effortlessly

Get the information you need without waiting on your data warehouse to update or having to write custom SQL queries. With Open Data Hub for Mainframe, you reduce the time to insight and increase productivity by providing information without the need for custom programming.

Ensure Compliance and Security

Modernize your IBM Z use without compromising on the top tier security provided by the mainframe. Open Data Hub for Mainframe keeps the data inside the existing mainframe security infrastructure--ensuring regulatory compliance and avoiding the creation of network vulnerabilities.

Reduce the Cost of Data Access

Open Data Hub utilizes zIIP speciality engines to reduce the workload off the general purpose CP, making it more cost effective to access your data. 

Modernize without Migrating

Open Data Hub for Mainframe is an innovative solution that lets you access and utilize the full power of mainframe data without having to move the data from IBM Z. With Open Data Hub for Mainframe, your IBM Z data is accessible in the cloud in an instant--no more custom SQL queries against the IBM Z data sets or conducting complex ETL processes. Maintain the integrity of your data while maximizing on the latest advancements in AI and data science.

Open Data Hub for Mainframe provides a sustainable solution to the complex challenge of extracting data from legacy systems, data silos, and custom interfaces–delivering it directly to the business user. For existing FOCUS and WebFOCUS customers, any Synonyms or procedures that have been created, can easily be accessed by Open Data Hub for Mainframe and leveraged by other third party tools with no additional work.