Don’t get caught using yesterday’s data to make today’s decisions

Seamless data visualization and analytics with ibi™️ Open Data Hub for Mainframe

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Turn your data into insights and action

Improve data availability

With Open Data Hub for Mainframe, you gain access to all the data stored on the mainframe in real time. You can retrieve and analyze information directly in your BI tool to quickly enable better insights and knowledge sharing.

Connect data effortlessly

Get the information you need without waiting on your data warehouse to update or having to write custom SQL queries. With Open Data Hub for Mainframe, you reduce the time to insight and increase productivity by providing information without the need for custom programming.

Ensure compliance and security

IBM Z platforms hold your most sensitive and important data. Since Open Data Hub for Mainframe keeps the data inside the security infrastructure, you can ensure regulatory compliance and avoid creating network vulnerabilities.

Reduce the cost of data access

Open Data Hub for Mainframe utilizes zIIP speciality engines to reduce the workload off the general purpose CP, making it more cost effective to access your data.

Key capabilities of ibi Open Data Hub for Mainframe

Improved productivity

Reduce the time to gain access to data by eliminating the need for custom SQL queries so you can retrieve and analyze information faster to ensure faster decision making.

Real-time insights

Access the data from the mainframe in real time to develop insights that let you make informed decisions promptly.

Integrate with any platform

Get instant access to your IBM Z data in WebFOCUS or any BI platform to analyze and visualize your data.

Competitive advantage

Respond faster to market trends, customer demands and emerging opportunities with access to your complete business data.

Data driven innovation

Develop strategies, products or services based on complete, real time information from all your data.

Ensure data security

Access data directly from the mainframe, keeping your key business data secure and compliant with all industry regulations.

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