ibi™ iWay® Service Manager

Gain rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes, and stakeholders with unmatched interoperability between disparate systems and data

ibi™ iWay® Service Manager is a highly scalable Enterprise Service Bus with a fully integrated service design-time environment and web services for application and container creation and deployment capabilities.  It is a low code/no code solution for writing enterprise class integration solutions making it easier to build and deliver integrated applications at an affordable cost. This support for modern architectures ensures a highly optimized development environment with the capabilities to rapidly create internally and externally consumable services–providing organizations with a major return on their investment.


Data Processing in a Secure and Scalable Environment

iWay Service Manager offers end-to-end integration of the widest variety of sources, including real-time, batch, streaming, structure and unstructured information, cloud-based sources, blockchain applications, big data, social network, and machine-generated data. iWay Service Manager works in concert with modernized architectures to rapidly develop new business applications and create powerful, reusable business services from existing applications.

Transformation Services as Flexible as Your Organization's Needs

Today’s applications call for great flexibility in relating data from various sources and making it consumable by other applications. This requires transformation services that enable the applications to manipulate not only the data format, but also the actual data. iWay Service Manager’s rich transformation offering promotes the creation of complex yet flexible transformations. It provides transformation services that support an array of formats from standard JSON, FWF, and XML, to more system-specific formats such as EDI, SWIFT, HL7, and more.

Advanced Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture replaces the monolithic application approach with applications comprising independently deployed and managed services. Each service encapsulates the specific business logic needed for the application. This decoupling simplifies application maintenance, expedites the development of new services, and enables diversity of service implementations while maintaining a unified interface. The adoption of microservices reduces cost and increases agility. iWay Service Manager delivers all the capabilities an organization needs to support a microservices architecture.

Modern API Design & Management

iWay Service Manager leverages a modern approach for cross-system and cross-application communication. An application’s author can expose the APIs, and, therefore, the application logic, for consumption. iWay Service Manager can also consume APIs as part of its standard business logic for data processing. Additionally, it expedites deployment with a library of highly reusable and easily maintainable APIs.