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WebFOCUS reveals operational metrics on demand, while also serving users in the field.

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Accelerate your move to WebFOCUS 9

The WebFOCUS®️ Technology Refresh Program helps you and your organization use the platform’s new capabilities by providing a smooth transition to this latest, feature-rich release.

A universal platform for all

Highly-scalable, self-service analytics

Explore, create, visualize, publish, and collaborate on your analytics content. Data scientists, developers, business analysts, and administrators can transform data and  drive insightful decisions.

Seamlessly operate in the cloud

Designed to be cloud-native and deployed into the most popular cloud providers managed by us, or you. Deploy on premises, in the cloud or a hybrid model.

Infused with AI and data science

Quickly answer business questions through the use of Natural Language Queries (NLQ). Confidently make informed decisions, anticipate the likelihood of an event occurring, and strategize to ensure the best outcomes.

Pixel-perfect enterprise reporting and custom applications

High-precision reports for print-ready and paginated reporting needs. Create highly parameter-driven applications that mimic the ease of use and workflow of the most popular consumer applications.

Embedded analytics and white labeling

Embed any WebFOCUS component or self-service tool into any application with full support for security, rebranding, and white labeling.

Loosely coupled, tightly integrated

Easily connect with your existing data and analytics stack to tell the complete data story.

Key capabilities of WebFOCUS

Data science machine learning

Content creators and consumers can now quickly answer business questions through the use of Natural Language Queries (NLQ), as well as building reports without authoring tools. Predict trends, behaviors, and conditions; determine risk; and solve problems. Confidently make informed and fast decisions, anticipate the likelihood of an event occurring, and strategize to ensure the best outcomes.

Location analytics

Combine geographic information (GIS) and BI/analytics to recognize patterns in data, and visualize and discover geospatial outliers. Teams make better business decisions through location analytics. Furthermore, with the addition of the creation of multilayer maps, users can now more easily explore and gain insights from content.


Schedule reports to run at specific times or intervals and distribute through the channel of choice in popular formats. Send an entire report or break it into sections using the ReportCaster burst feature for extreme granularity in what to share with whom.

Embedded/OEM capabilities

Create and embed custom reports, analytic applications, and visualizations in web pages or apps. Apply resources to building the core application and use WebFOCUS software for the heavy lifting development of reports, apps, and visualizations.

Analytics anywhere

Empower end users with interactive reports and analytics, allowing them to share insights inside or outside of your organization. Whether they are online or offline, they can manipulate, visualize, and analyze secure, self-contained reports. WebFOCUS 9 adds filters and drill down capabilities, allowing users to further explore content on-demand, and on-the-go.

Native cloud support

Meet your organization’s goals with fast and customizable containerized installation on-premises or in the cloud, allowing you to pick and choose the right platform for your organization. Coupled with Dynamic Scaling, enterprises can automatically scale the capacity of WebFOCUS for a more efficient and streamlined cloud journey led by you.

Work smarter, build sleeker and distribute faster with brand new ibi WebFOCUS 9.3

Read more in this blog from Vijay Raman, Vice President of the ibi portfolio

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Distribute to the masses with ease, introducing the all-new WebFOCUS ReportCaster
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