ibi™ Data Migrator Software

Simplify and automate data extraction and integration

ibi™ Data Migrator software is part of a group of tools for simplifying and automating extraction and integration of data from various sources. Data is transformed using business rules at various points throughout the process, from source extraction to target load.

Automate, transform, and save time

Automate, transform, and save time

Automate creating and managing data warehouses and data marts. You can also access source data in various formats and operating systems, integrate multiple data sources into single or multiple targets, apply powerful data cleansing rules and logic, and create roll-ups to help make decisions.

Greater flexibility & value

Greater flexibility & value

Use specialized high volume data warehouse loaders, schedule data updates at user-defined intervals triggered by events or conditional dependencies, load star schema with slowly changing dimensions, and monitor and manage essential server functions.

Logging for greater insight

Logging for greater insight

Better understand your data operations with extensive logging and transaction statistics. You get a proper client/server middleware solution with transparent underlying communications protocols and data source subsystems.

What's New

Notable updates from the 9.0 release:

  • True client/server middleware solution
  • The underlying communications protocols and data source subsystems are now completely transparent
  • Improvements to the data flow interface
  • Improvements in overall performance