Simplify and automate data extraction and integration

Extract, transform, and load any data across any platform

ibi Data Migrator builds, manages, and optimizes modern enterprise data ecosystems, enabling fast, flexible, end-to-end ETL process creation across computing platforms from on-premise to cloud.

Simplify your data integration and support data access requirements associated with analytics, reporting, data management, and artificial intelligence.

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Build an intelligent foundation

ibiData Intelligence is a unified solution that empowers organizations to address complex data challenges efficiently, cost-effectively, and at scale.

Transform your data with end-to-end automation

Automate, transform, and save time

Automate creating and managing data warehouses and data marts. You can also access source data in various formats and operating systems, integrate multiple data sources into single or multiple targets, apply powerful data cleansing rules and logic, and create roll-ups to help make decisions.

Greater flexibility and value

Use specialized high volume data warehouse loaders, schedule data updates at user-defined intervals triggered by events or conditional dependencies, load star schema with slowly changing dimensions, and monitor and manage essential server functions.

Logging for greater insight

Better understand your data operations with extensive logging and transaction statistics. You get a proper client/server middleware solution with transparent underlying communications protocols and data source subsystems.

Key capabilities of ibi Data Migrator

Optimal data storage

Optimize your data warehouse(s) to ensure data is stored in a more readable format for analysis and cleansing.

Reduced load on legacy systems

Because your analysts no longer access operational data sources, their complex queries do not impede or slow production systems.

Improved response and ownership

Install your data warehouse on premise or in the cloud, can be installed on one or many departmental machines, each with summary information specific to the department. You no longer need to scour the network for your data.

Improved data flow

Supporting ibi Data Migrator operations and design elements, the ibi WebFOCUS® Reporting Server manages and executes data and process flow.

Data Management console

The system's graphical user interface allows you to design, test, and execute data and process flows.

Total access with REST API

Using the REST API, start or stop ETL Flows, manage or retrieve information about scheduled flows, and obtain statistics about the execution of a flow from any application in your organization.

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