Build an intelligent foundation

Can you trust that your data strategy will accurately provide information to make informed decisions, maintain data precision, and adhere to regulatory standards? Are your solutions integrated to provide the foundation for metadata enabled and AI-driven intelligence?

To deliver quality data quickly and cost-effectively requires a comprehensive solution that is fully integrated, scalable, and efficient.

Introducing ibi™ Data Intelligence—an integrated offering that brings together the power of ibi solutions to create a unified, end-to-end data management solution. 

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Get smart with your data

Unlocking business agility

Combining the power of the ibi product suite, ibi Data Intelligence lets you access all the tools you need within a single framework. Improve your business agility with a flexible, versatile data management infrastructure.

Streamline your Data Management Solutions

Reduce your operating costs

Simplify solutions and improve your overall utilization by consolidating all your data management tools with ibi. Streamline your IT management and reduce costs associated with managing multiple solutions, licenses and integrations

Achieve data harmony

Your business's core data, or master data, is the foundation of all your operations. Ensure it's accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to a unified view of your critical information.

Boost data accuracy

Effortlessly ensure compliance by maintaining clean, organized data that aligns with your organization's policies and regulatory requirements.

Integrate disparate data sources

Seamlessly blend data from different origins, giving you a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your operations. No more struggling with disconnected data; we make it work together.

Optimize workflows and user experience

Simplify your data management processes using low-code/no-code solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity. Seamless interoperability and simplified onboarding facilitate team collaboration, resulting in a quicker time-to-value.

Key capabilities of ibi Data Intelligence

Application Integration

Seamlessly connect and exchange data between various applications and systems through messaging systems, event driven architectures and automated workflows.

Data integration

Efficiently connect and integrate data from various sources, both internal and external, regardless of format or location.

Data transformation

Transform and shape data to meet specific business requirements, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

Data quality

Implement robust data quality checks, validation, cleansing, and enrichment to ensure high-quality data across the organization.

Master data management

Gain insights into your master data, empowering better decision-making through accurate and consistent data.

Enterprise search and match

Intelligently analyze large data sets to automatically identify similarities, patterns and connections with human-like precision.

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