ibi™ FOCUS®

FOCUS for Mainframe is the premier integrated development environment based upon the FOCUS language, simplifying all aspects of application development and control. The FOCUS language directly supports reporting, transaction processing, charting, interactive and batch processing, and universal file description providing  the richest data access, with data adapters for all major mainframe databases and file systems including VSAM, DB2, IMS, IDMS, ADABAS, and DATACOM, and output to a wide variety of formats. 

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Exploit the Power of the IBM Z Platform for both Performance and Scale

User Access, Simplified

Simplifying user and data access, FOCUS uses the same access language for all data structures–including universal JOIN and merge functionality. Reporting can be output in unparalleled data and graphic formats including: HTML, PDF, PS, IDA (InDocument Analytics), XLSX, PPTX, as well as all accessible data and reporting formats.

FOCUS Optimizes Runtime on IBM Z

FOCUS creates a powerful and efficient runtime environment on IBM Z allowing users to take advantage of unique IBM Z functionality to maximize speed and cost savings. zIIP processing integration provides the ability to maximize cpu activity routed to available zIIP processors increasing the workload your system can handle or lowering your monthly IBM software charges. FOCUS delivers high levels of accuracy through the incorporation of hardware-level native arithmetic; integrating  decimal precision formats speeds processing. Pervasive encryption, leveraging IBM’s superior end-to-end security, provides users with the safest possible data environment and experience. Learn more about using zIIP to optimize value from your IBM Z® investments.

What's New

The FOCUS product has new features for the 8.2.07 and 9.1 versions. Below are just a few that will enhance a developer's ability to enhance and create new applications.  

  • RUN as FOCUS from the Web Console
  • Output as XLSX Table
  • Standard Deviation Prefix Operators: STDP. and STDS.
  • Navigating Joins Between Cluster Synonyms
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Identifying Outliers in Numeric Data

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