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In today’s data-driven culture, businesses must leverage advanced analytics to gain valuable insights and stay competitive. Running BI tools from the cloud offers a strategic edge that can empower your business. Whether you choose a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution, ibi™ provides the flexibility to modernize and manage workloads between these various cloud and IBM Z environments allowing you to create versatile setups based on your unique business needs.


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When it comes to the cloud, it is not one-size-fits all. We’ve built our solutions to adapt to your cloud strategy, whether it is public, private or hybrid. Named a leader in Cloud Business Analytics tools, our software is engineered to be cloud-native and containerized so that you can bring it into your cloud strategy with ease.

The cloud offers the flexibility to scale resources instantly as your data and analysis needs grow. Easily handle large datasets, complex calculations, and resource-intensive analytical processes, avoid the limitations of on-premises infrastructure, and ensure your analytics platform can keep up with your expanding data requirements.

Leverage the cloud's elasticity to dynamically allocate resources on-demand. Scale  up during peak usage periods and scale down during periods of low demand to optimize costs.

Using the cloud, you can shift operations to a pay-as-you-go model, enabling cost efficiency and affordability. Pay only for the computing resources, storage, and features you need, avoiding the costs associated with on-premises infrastructure, servers, and hardware investments.

Cloud-based tools enable rapid deployment, allowing you to start analyzing data quickly. You can provide insights from anywhere, at any time, allowing teams to access and share data insights seamlessly. Accelerate your time-to-value and derive insights faster, enabling quick decision making.

Cloud providers implement robust security measures to safeguard your data. Benefit from industry-leading security protocols, encryption, access controls, and threat detection capabilities.

Cloud native, business ready

We’ve built our solutions to support your cloud strategy with containerization and full Kubernetes support. With ibi WebFOCUS Container Edition (WebFOCUS CE) you get all of the benefits of an on-premise WebFOCUS deployment with the added flexibility to develop and deploy in any cloud at any time.

With our containerized releases, you can leverage your current cloud deployment and seamlessly integrate your business tools into the cloud.

  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud supported
  • Mitigates OS related security issues by keeping the deployment independent of the operating system
  • Faster deployment of your applications
  • Provides significant infrastructure cost savings through autoscaling (HPA) and IOC
  • Seamless automation and integration with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CICD)

See how customers use WebFOCUS in the cloud

From transportation to recreation to law enforcement, the suburban City of Brampton, Ontario, was looking to develop analytics assets to improve the programs and services that its citizens depend on. With the help of ibi technologies, the city established a comprehensive data management platform to do just that. The City acquired ibi WebFOCUS® for BI and analytics to deliver actionable intelligence to government workers via the cloud.

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